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Customized Service Culture Solutions in Healthcare

With hundreds of choices at patients’ fingertips, there is a higher demand for the assurance of a compassionate, comfortable, and safe experience provided by clinicians who are experts in their field. Shifting organizational culture to focus on efficient communication internally and with patients will lead to a more patient-centric experience.

Many organizations in the healthcare industry struggle to develop solid customer service practices resulting in frustrated teams, inconsistent service and lost revenue. 

At Freeman Group, we guide healthcare brands to go beyond training and start coaching culture and behavior. That way, they can dramatically improve their service standards, leading to happier teams, thrilled customers, and an increased bottom line. 

5 Steps to Redefine the Patient Experience



Customizing and Creating BeSpoke Standards of Performance

Successfully changing behaviors requires clear, objective standards of performance and a structure to navigate the change.

Whether you need assistance with designing a new structure or revamping your current service culture program, our team can help you assess what’s currently in place and recommend a customized approach that will get you results across multiple domains.



 Creating Your Blueprint for Compassionate Care

Providing compassionate care requires intentionality.

Many healthcare companies have benefited from our Promises™️ Workshop which provides the foundation for creating the desired service culture that consistently delivers on the marketing promises and improves patient engagement.

While creating a customized blueprint of promises, our team navigates healthcare leaders to define their desired culture and behaviors through actionable and measurable standards, at every patient touchpoint.


Develop Your Leaders

The success of a team is determined by its leadership.

Leading can sometimes feel relentless. Unlike programs that give off-the-shelf answers to leadership challenges, our Leading the Promises™️ Workshop provides a space for healthcare leaders to develop essential coaching skills unique to your brand that will benefit them for years to come.  Investing in leadership skills and creating a practical roadmap to unique cultural solutions has been shown to drive strategy execution.

Navigating change can have setbacks. Refreshing leadership skills is necessary to maintaining self-awareness which is 80% of change. Our customized Leadership Development Series supports healthcare leaders by providing brand-specific virtual sessions that help keep skills sharp.



Train and Coach

Side by side with our team, put your strategic blueprint into action.

To successfully create a sustainable culture that enhances the patient’s experience of being cared for, safe, and valued by each team member, each department must be able to fully grasp and replicate the patient service values. Our experts use the customized blueprint previously created with your senior leaders to develop your brand’s Promises™️ Workshop that your entire team will go through. This workshop can be facilitated by our experts or by an internal team member who has gone through our Internal Resource Development Certification Process

Going beyond training is imperative because knowing something does not mean change will occur. Our Practices™️ skills training allows your leaders the opportunity to work side by side with our team to implement the desired cultural shift and practice new skills learned. 


Measure Your Success

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Our comprehensive measurement tool captures customized data and adapts to patient needs so our clients can assess their service progress.  

Real- Time Results

Custom KPI Goals

Drill Down Specifics

Trend Analysis Reporting