A Word from Our Founder

I founded Freeman Group in 1985. My work from 1983 -1985 as the VP of Quality with Rosewood Hotels required me to seek help on two projects, an opening in Houston and a renovation project in Los Angeles. I tried to source a customer service training vendor to assist with the hotel opening. I was looking for a practical process that would sustain after opening; all I could find were vendors who facilitated programs through training seminars and then left. I knew that that approach was not going to have a long-term value in terms of sustainability and my vision for Freeman Group was born.

My background as a hotel executive within two major companies along with my extensive operational, coaching & training background in Europe and the United States taught me that having a group of best practice experts in their field serving clients was, and still is, the best route to go.

To put it into clear perspective, I learned that simply hiring trainers who provide content knowledge is entirely not enough. The hospitality industry needed experts who practically know how to solve service challenges through a coordinated customer service skills approach. For this reason, I decided immediately that the Freeman Group team will only be comprised of some of the most experienced and genuine experts in their operational field, Food and Beverage, Rooms, and subsequently other industries; Casinos, Airlines etc.

After five years of focusing solely on the high-end, high-dollar luxury market I felt that the Freeman Group customer service model had an application and opportunity to serve more than simply luxury hotels and resorts….and it did. We found ourselves assisting with initially the casino starting with The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1989.

Following a long round of Casino opening projects such as The Trump Taj Mahal, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Paris, and Atlantis amongst many others, Freeman Group then found opportunity working with Governments on specific island-wide visitor service beginning with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company on a project that encompassed all the properties (Hotels and Paradores) within Puerto Rico. The ability to undertake island-wide initiatives has ultimately led to other opportunities in Airports, Airlines, Retail, Cruise Lines again following the Freeman Group process model which is entirely transferable within any industry with a customer/guest facing element.

In the most recent years, we have found ourselves in a position to serve a new industry …healthcare. Although the healthcare industry is vastly different than hospitality, Freeman Group is still able to make a significant impact on overall patient satisfaction through our process. It has been a great journey watching our team bring compassionate care to life.

Within each industry we serve, our clients have had and will continue to have the opportunity to receive a customized bespoke customer service training model that is not only proven to work through our careful analysis of each client’s existing data; but further allows each client to have continued access to measurable and actionable reports that compare reviews, inspections, labor turnover and financial data that ultimately assist leaders in making informed decisions that create a sustainable service culture.

Our team is excited for what’s ahead in the future and very thankful for the opportunity to serve and support so many leaders in so many different industries. Finally, we at Freeman Group will always advocate for all our clients and more importantly for all our clients’ guests, customers, patients and crucially, their team members.

Thank you all

Bill Freeman